Interactive KM Framework

Trusted by the world’s top KM programs, APQC’s Knowledge Management Framework outlines the stages of KM strategy implementation along with the actions necessary at each stage to move you to the next level. This interactive framework guides you towards the best approach to your KM strategy with detailed explanations of every step of the way. It also provides links to targeted content, best practices, and tools and templates found in APQC’s online Resource Library.

Using the Framework
Each of the actions under the four stages below is clickable. Click the action you would like more information about and a pop up with appear.

CYCLES OF CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT CALL TO ACTION DEVELOP KM STRATEGY DESIGN AND IMPLEMENT KM CAPABILITIES EVOLVE AND SUSTAIN Explore Business Value of KM Program Identify Critical Knowledge Align KM to Business Priorities and Functions Get Buy-In RESULT Business Buy-in Value Proposition KM Direction Determine Current State Create Governance Framework Design Phased Implementation Plan Scope and Prioritize Opportunities Create Business Cases and Budgets RESULT KM Strategy KM Road Map Form Operational Design Teams Design Knowledge Flow Process Design KM Approaches Design Resource Model and Capabilities Leverage and Enhance IT Develop Measures Ratify Plans and Budgets RESULT Dynamic Plans for Project and Infrastructure Detailed Budget KM Implementation Evolve KM Capabilities Ensure KM Alignment to Business Priorities Sustain Awareness and Engagement Expand KM Infrastructure to Meet Demand RESULT Dynamic KM Program: Valued and Embedded

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APQC provides the expertise you need to grow or overcome challenges unique to your organization. Our expert consultants work with you to accelerate your KM initiatives with customized one-on-one support. We have helped countless organizations redesign and improve their processes; implement knowledge management programs; measure business performance and progress towards goals; and more. We offer a wide range of services to address your specific needs.

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