Leveraging Expertise with Effective Content Management

Published On:
February 28, 2023
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Content management requires good systems, but technology issues often mask more fundamental gaps around poorly designed content strategy, insufficient enabling processes, unclear ownership, inconsistency across business areas, and lack of long-term planning.

APQC hosted a webinar in January 2023 featuring Cindy Hubert (Executive Director, Client Services) and Darcy Lemons (Senior Advisor), who shared content management lessons from working with APQC's Advisory Services clients. APQC's decades of experience and research has led it to find that effective content management approaches are not driven by technology, but rather by understanding how knowledge flows. Discussion topics included:

  • consequences of inaccessible knowledge 
  • strategic approach to content management
  • 3 C’s of content management 
  • content development and lifecycle management 
  • collaboration and user experience focus

This article summarizes the webinar's main points and key takeaways.