Our Team

Living the Grayson Guarantee

We are a team of around 70 individuals who share a common dedication to helping organizations solve their business problems. Our team includes thought leaders, researchers and business experts, marketers, and others who are passionate about productivity and quality improvement.

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Jack Grayson

In Memoriam - Founder, APQC

Carla O'Dell

Chairman of the Board

Lisa Higgins

President and Chief Executive Officer

Perry Wiggins

Chief Financial Officer, Secretary & Treasurer

Cathy Hill

Chief Development Officer

Cindy Hubert

Executive Director, Client Solutions

Ron Webb

Executive Director, Information Technology

Ashley White

Executive Director, Human Resources

Leadership Team

Amanda Schalyo

Director, Marketing

Christine Kelley

Director, Membership and Research Services

Jeffery Varney

Director, Advisory Services

John Tesmer

Director, Open Standards Benchmarking®; Product Owner, MosaiQ®

Mardi Krenek

Vice President, Education

Research & Thought Leaders

Elissa Tucker

Principal Research Lead, Human Capital Management

Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland

Principal Research Lead, Process & Performance Management

Lauren Trees

Principal Research Lead, Knowledge Management

Marisa Brown

Senior Principal Research Lead, Supply Chain Management

Rachele Collins

Principle Research Lead, Financial Management