Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier relationship management (SRM) is traditionally an approach embraced by procurement organizations to ensure suppliers adhere to contract terms, service levels, and performance objectives. Tactical benefits of SRM include improving supplier reliability and reducing risk, monitoring contract compliance, and service levels streamlining/simplifying processes. Adopting a more collaborative approach to SRM with strategic suppliers can enable organizations to enhance their competitive advantage and drive greater innovation. 

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Reinventing Supplier Relationship Management

As more companies embrace and adopt SRM best practices, it’s time to look holistically at the various best practices. Our research at APQC, conducted in partnership with experts Kate Vitasek, Bonnie Keith, and Emmanuel Cambresy, focuses on how organizations can improve their SRM results. APQC wants to show organizations how to move beyond the limitations of past thinking to embrace a more complete, aligned, and balanced approach to collaborating with their suppliers.

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