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APQC conducts research to discover and document world-class business practices, share proven methodologies and processes, and assist organizations around the world in adapting them. Explore our focused expertise and services in the areas of financial management, human capital management, knowledge management, supply chain management, product development, and process improvement and measurement.



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John Deere Enlists APQC to Improve Knowledge Sharing

At the world’s largest manufacturer of agricultural equipment – John Deere – employee survey feedback had revealed an opportunity for the organization’s Global IT area to re-evaluate its knowledge management (KM) strategy and approach.

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APQC benchmarking services and resources provide the information you need to assess your organization’s performance in key functional areas and identify opportunities for improvement. 

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APQC’s research team applies proven research methods to develop solutions, strategies, and tools to solve your real business problems. We discover and capture the key processes and enablers behind successful practices and disseminate that knowledge to other organizations. 

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Advisory Services

Our process and knowledge management experts provide training and consulting to help you apply APQC’s extensive research and tools to gain the maximum value from your investments in process, performance, and knowledge management.

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APQC courses and workshops are an efficient and cost-effective way to learn the tools and techniques needed to improve your organization’s capabilities and performance. 

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APQC’s 3-day, in-person certification courses build the foundation you need to transform your organization. These courses offer an interactive, balanced approach that focuses on true skill development and not just theoretical topic understanding. Walk away from these courses certified by APQC with the ability to directly impact your organization’s effectiveness. 

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Education K-12 Services

APQC K-12 Solutions are tailored to help K-12 education leaders meet the specific challenges of district-wide process improvement or process redesign programs.

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