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Substantive Change Means Behavior Shifts

Increase the Impact of Change Efforts


Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts. Arnold Bennet Change means something different to different people. Some find it an exhilarating challenge, others find it daunting, but most sit back quietly with a skeptical “wait and see”…

Quiet Quitting Is Bad Idea

Quiet Quitting Is A Terrible Idea


Quiet quitting is real and it's a terrible idea. I am here to challenge the notion that finding balance in life comes from less effort in the workplace and a rise in the number of disengaged employees.  Instead, we should raise a red flag and refuse to accept this insanity!  We should be…

Process & Performance Management Measurement Core Struggles

Don’t Let Process Measurement Sink You


As we discussed before, data is the proverbial life blood of most organizations. It’s how we understand performance, identify opportunities for improvement or growth, and make objective strategic decisions. But good data requires asking the right questions and measuring the right things—or in other…

Tired of Losing Employees? You Need Stay Interviews

Are Stay Interviews Effective?


In a recent APQC blog post, I wrote about a key tool for dealing with employee turnover—the exit interview. In this blog post, I want to talk about another critical component of any employee retention program—the stay interview. What is a stay interview? A stay interview is a discussion between…