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What is Benchmarking

What is Benchmarking?


What is Benchmarking? Benchmarking is an approach an organization uses to measure its internal processes and look externally to identify, understand, and adapt practices used by best-in-class organizations.How well are your business functions performing? This seems like a simple enough…

Knowledge Flow Leadership Buy-In

Managing Knowledge Starts with Knowledge Flow


When an organization’s most critical knowledge is moving through the organization efficiently and reaching the right people at the right time, you have knowledge flow! It starts when new knowledge is created and includes all the people and systems the knowledge must pass through before it is…

Continuous Improvement is An Ongoing Journey

What is Continuous Improvement?


When it comes to processes, continuous improvement is the direct opposite of “one and done.” It is instead an ongoing journey of identifying, analyzing, and making incremental improvements to processes. By making continual changes, organizations are greater equip to drive efficiency and improve…

Procure-to-Pay Struggles

Why Procure-to-Pay Governance is a Struggle


In response to increasing global interest in end-to-end processes, APQC has gathered insight into how organizations are governing and managing their procure-to-pay (P2P) processes. This end-to-end process begins with ordering goods and services, then receiving those goods and services, and finally…

How Do You Benchmark A Supply Chain?

How Do You Benchmark a Supply Chain?


You benchmark in supply chain by planning your activities, collecting quantitative and qualitative data from your own and other organizations, analyzing what you collected, and then adapting your findings to take action. To benchmark a supply chain, it’s important to begin with a clear…

Starting a Process Framework Right

How to Pick the Right Process Framework


Organizations use process frameworks for a variety of reasons. Our recent survey found that organizations most often use frameworks for process discovery, performance improvement, and technology implementation. Process frameworks provide a ready-made library of processes and process definitions…

Tips For Change Management

How to Manage Change


Change is the only constant. The pandemic amplified the fact that “change” is really the only thing that never goes away. As a mom of a toddler, I experience this first-hand on a daily basis. The favorite show or favorite food one day is suddenly a terrible idea the next day (or sometimes the next…