The Most Effective Messages to Motivate KM Participation

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Motivating employees to share and reuse knowledge has always been the holy grail of knowledge management. But what actually convinces people to change their habits and incorporate KM into their daily activities—to join a community, answer questions in an online forum, post and edit content, or search for lessons learned? 

Scaling Agile Ain’t Easy, But It’s Necessary For Better Project Management

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Chances are, you’re already familiar with the basic concept of Agile project management: a small team works in time-boxed sprints, frequently demoing features and integrating customer feedback, to iteratively deliver a customer-centric end result. Since its origins in software development nearly two decades ago, Agile has been embraced by companies big and small in a wide range of industries and applications. To its adherents, Agile is much more than a methodology: it’s a guiding set of principles and values.

Three Keys to Successful Finance Process Management at Cargill

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Business process management is a proven operating model to help organizations reduce variability, increase standardization, and improve process performance. APQC recently interviewed the Global Credit-to-Cash Process Owner at Minnesota-based Cargill Inc., a multinational food, agriculture, nutrition, and risk management company. Prompted by a major reorganization, the finance function at Cargill centralized its operations to leverage a process focus and redesigned its service model in terms of people, processes, data, and technology.

5 Common Hiring Mistakes and Tips for How to Avoid Them

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With talent demand high and supply low, your organization can’t afford to make hiring mistakes. A quick Google search pulls up a bounty of articles on hiring mistakes and how to avoid them. In this blog, I am sharing five common hiring mistakes and tips for avoiding them—all based on APQC benchmarking and best practices research that you can trust.

Digitalization is a Team Sport

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Organizations are funneling vast amounts of time and money into digitalization. And while there’s a lot of advice about which tech to buy and business areas to invest in, the people side of digitalization is also important. Without a people-focused strategy, digitalization can amplify organizational silos and breed discontent in the workforce. I talked with Dr. Carla O’Dell to learn how organizations can take a smarter approach to digitalization.

Stop Accepting Budget Rework--It Is Time to Fix a Broken Process

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APQC published its recent Metric of the Month examining the number of budget versions before final approval. It discusses ways organizations organize their budgeting practices to minimize the number of versions needed to get one that is finally ready to send forward for Board approval. When evaluating the key metrics for finance organizations, tracking the number of budget versions has always perplexed me.

Revealing Common Mistakes Using Benchmarks and Analytics To Improve Performance

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APQC asked process management experts about the keys to driving decisions with data, common mistakes while using benchmarks and analytics, and why selecting the right measures is so critical. These experts will be speaking at APQC’s Process & Performance Management Conference October 1-5.

The roundtable participants include:

5 Ways To Improve Accounts Receivable

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Accounts receivable (AR) is a core finance transactional process that lies at the heart of an organization’s liquidity and working capital management. APQC takes a process-based view in order to facilitate benchmarking and process improvement, and defines the AR process as all of the important activities to receive and apply cash from customers for goods and services, including establishing AR policies, receiving and depositing customer payments, applying cash remittances, preparing AR reports, and posting AR activity to the general ledger.

How to Be Successfully Aggressive with Digitalization in Process Management

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 APQC recently conducted research within our members to better understand their burning platforms and the plans they’re executing to address them. Turns out APQC members have never been more focused on the enterprise view, driven by the focus on improving “the End to End Customer Experience.” APQC members shared that their plans to eliminate functional silos are more intense than ever before, and the digital/technological disruption increasingly permeating their organizations is creating a demand for process changes unlike anything they have seen in years.

Tools and Culture: Stumbling Blocks for Effective Data and Analytics

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I recently spoke with Kevin De Pree, vice-president of Rand Group, to discuss the common organizational challenges related to data and analytics and gaps in common analytics to support organizations’ data and analytics needs.   

Why do organizations continue to struggle with foundational elements of culture and effective application for data and analytics?