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Join APQC and gain exclusive access to the tools you need to effectively manage your organization’s processes and knowledge. APQC membership gives you and everyone else in your organization access to our industry-leading resources and expertise. Plus, you’ll gain access to our network of more than 250,000 professionals dedicated to process improvement and knowledge management (KM) from more than 1,000 organizations from 45 industries worldwide. 

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To better serve each organization’s needs, we offer seven types of membership. Choose from our functional area memberships, Financial Management (FM), Human Capital Management (HCM) Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Knowledge Management (KM), or our all-inclusive Enterprise Membership. Our Professional Services and Education memberships provide industry-specific membership experiences.

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When you don’t know how to start something, or if you want to be sure you’re doing the right thing, you can look to APQC to know what others are doing and what is working well!