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APQC’s research team applies proven research methods to develop solutions, strategies, and tools to solve your real business problems. Working alone and in partnership with member organizations and industry experts, we discover and capture the key processes and enablers behind successful practices. We then disseminate that knowledge to other organizations to help you meet today’s challenges while helping you transform your organization for future success and competitive advantage. Explore the findings and results from our research in our vast Resource Library, and check out our upcoming and past research below.


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APQC’s sponsored research program is a fee-based opportunity for professional services firms, associations, and technology providers to sponsor and participate in APQC research or data collection opportunities. Promote your brand, develop thought leadership, and access exclusive research through this program.

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Financial Management

Research Description

APQC and the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) conducted a study analyzing survey and interview data to understand where FP&A stands in these efforts, the current tools, technologies, and techniques used by organizations for FP&A, and the associated skills required of today’s FP&A professionals.

Research Description

Recent APQC financial management challenges and priorities surveys have shown that implementing new tools and technologies are high-priority activities for finance, and that interest is particularly high for new digital tools, such as cloud computing, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), artificial intelligence/cognitive computing/machine learning, and blockchain.

Human Capital Management

Research Description

Competition for talent is fierce. Low unemployment and scarcity of hot skills have employers focused on crafting an engaging employee experience that will both attract and retain top talent. APQC conducted a survey to uncover how organizations are using culture, communications, listening, and recognition to deliver such an experience.

Research Description

Talent acquisition is a balancing act for employers today. Organizations tell APQC that they seek to cut talent acquisition costs while improving the recruiting experience and the quality of new hires. This research project analyzed APQC’s Open Standards Benchmarking data to uncover recruiting approaches that are both efficient and effective.

Knowledge Management

Research Description

APQC recognized 13 organizations as winners of its first-ever Excellence in Knowledge Management award in 2019. The award is based on analysis from APQC’s KM Capability Assessment Tool, which measures and evaluates KM programs based on their strategy, people, process, and content and IT capabilities.

Research Description

Motivating employees to share and reuse knowledge has always been the holy grail of knowledge management. But what actually convinces employees to change their habits and incorporate KM into their daily activities? APQC’s "Promoting KM and Making It Stick" research, collected data from 374 KM professionals and in-depth case studies with eight best-practice organizations.

Process and Performance Management

Research Description

APQC conducted the “Putting Process Frameworks into Action” survey to learn how organizations are using process frameworks, the common adoption practices, implementation practices, and the challenges involved.

Research Description

APQC conducted a survey on the latest trends in data analytics to learn how enterprises are capturing business value from their analytics investments. This research focuses on how organizations are leveraging analytics to drive business goals, the predominant organizational structures used, the effectiveness of analytics in solving prevalent challenges, and the key determinants of overall analytics program effectiveness across sectors.

Supply Chain Management

Research Description

APQC and Supply Chain Management Review are conducting frequent short polls to collect information from supply chain professionals about the use and planned adoption of tools, technologies, software, and practices to report out in a fast and meaningful way.

Research Description

APQC assessed how organizations are developing procurement professionals for what is to come by examining the current state of investments in procurement talent and the future skills needed for success. This research showcases responses from more than 200 procurement professionals worldwide.