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Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) is emerging as its own discipline, separate from accounting and treasury, and is forming strong relationships with the business to help drive financial results. FP&A professionals are seen as key business partners who deliver value and insight and play an important role in organizational planning processes. FP&A is one of APQC’s core focus areas within financial management for benchmarks and best practices research. Explore some of our suggested resources below to learn how you can benchmark and improve your own FP&A practices.

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Blueprint for Success: Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting

This report goes beyond the information in most benchmarking reports by providing insights into some of the best-practice process enablers that are driving the results—in essence, outlining a blueprint organizations can follow to get ahead of the pack.

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See How Your Efforts Measure Up

Use our Planning and Management Accounting Performance Assessment to benchmark the current state at your organization.

This assessment covers topics including planning/budgeting/forecasting, cost accounting and control, cost management, and evaluating and managing financial performance.