Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management (KM) is a collection of systematic approaches to help information and knowledge flow to and between the right people at the right time. APQC is the leading source for innovative thinking and the latest research in knowledge management. We’ve been at the forefront of KM since APQC’s Chairman of the Board and former CEO Carla O’Dell, helped establish KM as a vital business discipline in 1993. Whether you’re developing a KM strategy or want best practices from organizations with longstanding KM programs, APQC gives you access to an array of trusted resources and tools. Our annual conference draws KM and process practitioners and decision makers from around the world, and remains the premier industry conference.  



Our Resource Library includes hundreds of KM best practices, case studies, KPIs, and tools and templates. Find the information you need to get employees sharing and using your organization’s collective knowledge. 


Accredited KM Training and Certification

APQC is proud to be an IACET Accredited Provider. Earn CEUs through our online and in-person knowledge management training and certification options. All courses can be customized to meet your specific needs and delivered at your site. 



Through events, research, and working groups, we bring together KM practitioners and leaders worldwide. We foster these opportunities to advance the discipline and provide greater value to our members.

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Emerging Technologies for Knowledge Management

What role does technology plays in knowledge management (KM) for your organization? APQC wants to better understand this quickly changing world of digital transformation, including advanced technologies like machine learning and AI, and the impact it has on KM. Through this research we will be able to share insights on the role technology plays in enabling, supporting, and driving knowledge management program, approaches, and capabilities.

Participation is free and your responses are confidential according to APQC's Benchmarking Code of Conduct. Participants will receive a complimentary survey report at the completion of the data collection period. 


Find out how your organization’s KM program measures up

Use APQC's KM assessment tools to gauge every aspect of your KM program, from strategy and business case development to specific processes and technologies, and see how you stack up against your competition.

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APQC is how we found other companies whose KM communities we could learn from – it became our source for information, benchmarks, and best practices.

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You might be in the early stages of developing your organization’s first ever KM program. Or maybe you already have a KM strategy, but need help evolving your KM capabilities. At any stage of your KM strategy implementation, our expert consultants can provide individualized support and customized on-site training to help you accelerate and optimize your KM initiatives.

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