Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

APQC provides the Supply Chain Management (SCM) resources and expertise you need to make sure your supply chain is running at maximum efficiency. Whether you want to learn which supply chain measures to use with our Process Classification Framework® (PCF), adapt best practices, or benchmark your supply chain activities, we can help. With APQC, you can optimize current processes to reduce costs, improve cycle times, and add value.


What Makes APQC Your Essential Resource for Supply Chain Management?

See where you stand compared to your peers

Identify performance gaps and see exactly where you stand compared to your peers, using Open Standards Benchmarking and other APQC SCM resources.

APQC provides a variety of KPIs, performance measures, and other essential resources to show you how your organization can reach best-practice performance levels in logistics. With more than 1,500 standardized measures spanning people, process, and technology, our Open Standards Benchmarking gives you an accurate, validated assessment of your organization.

APQC is a resource we use to gain better insight into how we’re managing our organization and how well we’re performing against the competition

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Upcoming Research Projects

Analyzing Benchmarks in Supply Chain
This project includes an in-depth dive in benchmarks in supply chain management. It includes key benchmarks in various process groups, as well as tune-up diagnostics and guidance for improving performance on selected KPIs.

Building and Maintaing Sustainable Supply Chains
APQC has been hearing about the need more insights into “sustainability” across the supply chain. This is a broad umbrella that includes environmental factors, social issues, and corporate governance (ESG) commitments and goals. There is increasing conversation about seeking lower carbon emissions, ethical sourcing, and improved human rights throughout the end-to-end supply chain. We are seeking to synthesize the latest insights from secondary research as well as conduct a survey to gather fresh data on the current state of corporate practices.

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