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To meet the particular needs of different types of organizations, teams, and individuals, we offer seven types of membership. Choose an all-inclusive Enterprise Membership, or select a functional area membership to access resources, benchmarking tools, and content specific to a particular area of APQC’s expertise: Financial Management (FM), Human Capital Management (HCM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Knowledge Management (KM). Or select a Professional Services or Education Membership for industry-specific membership experiences. All memberships have access to APQC’s globally recognized process improvement and business process management published content.

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Why Joining APQC Makes Business Sense

“Membership resources help increase our speed and also prevent potential failures because we know what other companies have tried and what didn’t work for them.” – Martin D’Acosta, Senior Design Consultant for Planning Processes, Cemex

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Enterprise Membership

APQC’s Enterprise Membership includes unrestricted access to all our process and knowledge management (KM) resources. This membership is ideal if your organization is adopting the Process Classification Framework® (PCF), undergoing significant transformation, or seeking to establish or evolve a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence. 

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Financial Management Membership

APQC’s Financial Management (FM) Membership gives you access to the resources and tools you need to address key financial process management challenges, such as standardization, managing end-to-end processes, and transformation. Membership includes access to our benchmark data, with key measures for finance process cost effectiveness, cycle times, efficiency, and productivity.

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Human Capital Management Membership

Uncover solutions to the human capital challenges that business leaders, HR professionals, and people managers face as they pursue productivity and quality goals with APQC's Human Capital Management (HCM) membership. Using the power of process, benchmarking, and practitioner experience, APQC addresses the entire human capital management life cycle. 

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Knowledge Management Membership

If you’re a KM professional, or work in another functional area but want to apply KM approaches to a particular challenge, this membership is ideal. APQC’s Knowledge Management Membership gives you access to a vast array of resources for creating, improving, re-launching, or expanding your KM program. 

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Supply Chain Management Membership

APQC’s Supply Chain Management Membership (SCM) is our essential membership for SCM, product development, and innovation professionals, with on-demand access to top performance practices and tools. Membership includes a comprehensive array of the resources you need to help you improve your supply chain efficiency and value at every stage. 

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Professional Services Membership

APQC’s Professional Services Membership gives your firm access to leading-edge content and expertise you can use to help your clients learn about and implement proven methods for improvement. Access best practices, business drivers, and benchmark data, plus a global network of more than 150,000 process and performance management professionals.

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Education Membership

Designed for K-12 educators and administrators, APQC’s Education Membership gives all employees in your district access to all APQC resources and knowledge. Find best practices for process improvement from other districts, and receive discounts on process redesign, organizational assessments, and other services. 

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