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APQC offers a variety of tools, resources, and services to help you measure how your knowledge management (KM) program is performing. For the best results, we recommend that you get a general idea of where you stand, take a more detailed, validated assessment, and learn from other organizations. This trajectory pinpoints gaps so you can identify problem areas, set goals, and plan improvements while allowing time to communicate findings with key leaders and stakeholders in your organization.

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Assessing Maturity with APQC's Knowledge Management Capability Assessment Tool

It is never too soon to start tracking how KM creates value for your organization. This article shares insights on how to get started, no matter where you are in your journey. This article also examines the value of assessing your current capabilities and enhancing your KM practices.

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Find Out Where You Stand – Take APQC’s Knowledge Management Benchmarks & Metrics Survey

To see how your organization’s KM program, initiative, or service stacks up against the competition, take APQC’s Knowledge Management (KM) Benchmarks and Metrics Survey. This tool evaluates the inputs and outputs of your KM effort, including leadership, structure, reporting relationships, and KM staffing and expenditures. 

The KM Benchmarks and Metrics Survey is currently free to all organizations, regardless of APQC membership status.

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Get a Detailed View of Your Capabilities – Complete APQC’s KM CAT

To get more specific information about where your KM program is underperforming, use our KM Capability Assessment Tool. With the KM CAT, you can measure your organization’s KM program across 146 capabilities in four categories: strategy, people, process, and content and information technology. 

Based on APQC’s 5-step Levels of KM MaturitySM model, the KM CAT assesses every aspect of your KM program, from strategy and business case development to specific processes and technologies. The detailed results will show you where your KM program is strong and where you should invest in order to progress to the next level.

The KM CAT is available to all APQC KM and enterprise members for free, or to non-members for a fee.

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APQC helps organizations start, assess, and mature their KM programs.

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Learn from Other Organizations – Explore APQC’s Resource Library

You’ll find hundreds of case studies, best practices, webinars, and research-based tools you can use to inform your KM measurement and improvement strategy in our Resource Library. Learn what APQC members and other organizations have done to identify KM challenges, measure progress and results, and enhance their KM programs. 

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APQC's Excellence in Knowledge Management

APQC recognizes mature, adaptive, and dynamic KM programs at both the enterprise and business-unit level. Based on analysis from APQC’s Knowledge Management Capability Assessment Tool, organizations achieving a maturity level 3, 4, or 5 are eligible to receive recognition.

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You might be in the early stages of developing your organization’s first ever KM program. Or maybe you already have a KM strategy, but need help evolving your KM capabilities. At any stage of your KM strategy implementation, our expert consultants can provide individualized support and customized on-site training to help you accelerate and optimize your KM initiatives.

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