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If you’re looking to benchmark, manage content, or define business processes, process frameworks save you time and effort by providing a basis on which to build. Process frameworks are essentially lists of all the key processes performed in an organization, grouped hierarchically to show how they relate to each other. APQC’s Process Classification Framework (PCF)® is a reliable and robust framework used by hundreds of leading companies worldwide. Watch the introduction video to learn more.

APQC’s Process Classification Framework (PCF)®

The PCF is a list of universal business processes performed by every business, giving you a common language to communicate and define work processes across your organization. Developed in 1992, the PCF is the world’s most widely used business process framework.

Download the latest version of the Cross-Industry PCF (Excel 7.2.1)

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Questions about process frameworks?

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Learn About the PCF

Learn what the PCF is, why organizations use it, the difference between cross-industry and industry-specific PCFs, and how to access process definitions and metrics for processes in the PCF.

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Understand the PCF

Understand the PCF’s structure and key elements, as well as the different formats and versions of the PCF.

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Apply the PCF

Discover three ways organizations use the PCF to create business value: benchmarking, content management, and process management. 

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Process Thinking

Industry-Specific PCFs

In addition to the cross-industry PCF, APQC provides additional versions of the PCF that include industry-specific processes and nuances.

Learn about our recently updated, Banking and Property & Casualty Insurance Frameworks in our new blog, New Simpler PCF For Banking and Property and Casualty Insurance.

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See How Leading Organizations are Using the PCF

Read these case studies to find out how leading organizations across a range of industries use the PCF as a foundation and common language to help them develop and manage standardized processes. 

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Process Definitions

APQC's Process Classification Framework contains hundreds of processes. To help you understand these processes, APQC has created definitions that tie to each process in the PCF.

Each process category has it's own document with detailed definitions and key measures for each process to help organizations identify and align their activities with global terminology. The documents also provide key performance indicators that APQC recommends for measuring and tracking the performance of each process group.

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APQC's process management resources - the PCF and MosaiQ, and case studies - have given us a foundation that we need in order to transition smoothly to the next phase of our process management work.

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The PCF Helps Deliver Better Process Management

John Tesmer, product owner for APQC's PCF, explains how the PCF can create a common language so your organization can improve process management.

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An Introduction to the PCF

In this video, APQC's John Tesmer explains what the PCF is, why people use it, and the differences between cross-industry and industry-specific versions.

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How to Use the PCF

Countless organizations have adopted the PCF for benchmarking, content management, and process improvement. Learn about their stories in this video to get an idea of how the PCF could benefit your organization. 

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Customize Your PCF Using MosaiQ®

MosaiQ is APQC’s cloud-based solution designed to simplify business process management for organizations of all sizes. Available to APQC members for free, MosaiQ enables you to measure and manage your business processes, and learn best practices to improve. 

Using MosaiQ, you can create custom frameworks that scale and mature as your business evolves. Create a common language around your processes so you can move past defining what the business does into how the work is done.

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APQC’s PCF LinkedIn Community

With nearly 3,000 members, the APQC PCF LinkedIn Community is an active forum for PCF users around the world. Ask questions, network, share best practices, and get advice on how to get the most out of the PCF from APQC experts and fellow practitioners. 

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