Beyond Kaizen: Olympus' Inspiring Case Study on Driving Operational Excellence

Published On:
March 20, 2024
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In this webinar, GBTEC shares a captivating case study on the reinvention of Operational Excellence, where Stromberg and Geising-Eggers share transformative strategies that demystify methodologies and technologies, fostering accessibility and accelerating day-to-day work.

The presentation delves into a new perspective on continuous improvement, explores diverse cultural influences on processes, and uncovers the secrets of empowering employees to drive business transformation and embrace change.

  • Learn how Olympus democratizes methodologies and technologies, fostering a culture of understanding and usability to accelerate and simplify day-to-day work across the organization.
  • Explore the paradigm shift in continuous improvement, embracing forward-looking thinking to achieve goals that transcend traditional approaches.
  • Unveil the formula of empowering and enabling employees to take ownership, drive business transformation and create a competitive edge.

Webinar Speakers:

  • Marc Stromberg, Co-Founder and Key Account Manager, GBTEC
  • Sara Geising-Eggers, Vice President, Head of Global Process & Data Excellence, Operational Excellence, Olympus Corporation
  • Madison Lundquist, Process and Performance Management, Principal Research Lead, APQC

This is a copy of the presentation slides. Click here to view the webinar recording.