APQC’s Rapid Performance Assessments℠

Organizations use APQC’s Rapid Performance Assessments to understand the gaps that exist between the organization and top performing peers. Launched in 2004, Rapid Performance Assesments are powered by the world’s largest database of validated benchmarks and best practices, provided by thousands of organizations from around the world and virtually every industry. APQC collects performance information from these organizations, validates it, analyzes it, and then publishes the resulting statistics in a blinded fashion, protecting participant confidentiality and the integrity of the benchmarks.

APQC’s Rapid Performance Assessment is fast.
High-level functional performance can be achieved by responding to an average of 15 questions, and completing a brief validation exercise. More than 20 assessments are available across finance, human capital management, and supply chain and focus on the most valuable data within the function including costs, FTEs, and practices. 

APQC’s Rapid Performance Assessment data is consistent.
Most of the measures in the library are based on APQC’s Process Classification Framework®, the world’s most widely used process model. Each measure is aligned with one or more questions, each of which includes definitions and guidance to ensure consistent data collection from all of the organizations that participate.

APQC’s Rapid Performance data is reliable.
Each data point in our inventory is scrutinized by an APQC analyst, using logical and statistical validation checks. Our data collection processes ensure consistency across organization types and process implementations. We only accept high quality, valid data into our database, ensuring you get reliable information on which to make your business decisions.

How it Works


Start by selecting the type of assessment you’d like to conduct, and then download the associated data collection spreadsheet. Enter your data into the spreadsheet, and then upload it using our secure cloud-based submission tool. 

Within two to three business days, APQC will send you a report identifying your organization’s performance relative to the 75th percentile, median, and 25th percentile for the function, all within about two to three business days.

Dive Deeper with Open Standards Benchmarking

Use Open Standards Benchmarking to get the true picture of your performance. OSB assessments are deep, process level assessments that reveal the cost, efficiency, and productivity of your key organizational processes. APQC's Open Standards Benchmarking database includes millions of data points across thousands of performance measures.

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The Process Classification Framework Enables Consistent Benchmarks

APQC's Process Classification Framework (PCF)® is the most used process framework in the world. It creates a common language for organizations to communicate and define business processes comprehensively and without redundancies. APQC's process-based benchmarks rely on the PCF to facilitate conversations and understanding among benchmarking participants.

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APQC Assessments: APQC’s Rapid Performance Assessments℠

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Choosing an assessment is as easy as selecting a topic, choosing the type of assessment survey you’d like to complete, and taking your next step in process improvement.

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