APQC's Process Classification Framework (PCF)® Case Studies

Countless organizations have adopted APQC's Process Classification Framework for benchmarking, content management, and process improvement. Read their stories to get an idea of how the PCF could benefit your organization.

The PCF Helps Deliver Better Process Management

John Tesmer, product owner for APQC's PCF, explains how the PCF can create common language so your organization can improve process management.

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Learn From Your Peers

Establish a Process Foundation

This case study explores how Elevations used APQC's PCF to address its lack of process and embed a process-oriented culture within the organization. 

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Simplify Processes for ERP Implementation

This case study explores how Pearson's global change and process excellence team used APQC's PCF as the foundation and common language to facilitate the co-development of standardized finance and operations processes.

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Deploy a Process Consolidation Dashboard

This case study looks at why Toronto-based Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) chose APQC's Banking PCF and how it used the PCF to deploy a new process consolidation dashboard.

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The PCF and the subsequent process transformation fundamentally changed who we are. It rewired us. It changed our DNA. We are now better at everything we do.

Carla Wolfe, Elevations Credit Union

Using the PCF to Drive Performance and Improvements

In this case study, APQC reviews how the organization applies the PCF to create the standardized process foundation it needs to lead improvement and even budgeting decisions based on process performance. 

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Leveraging the PCF to Conduct Process-Focused Gap Analysis

This case study explores how Sword Group leverages APQC’s PCF to conduct process-focused gap analysis to scope and prioritize performance improvement projects.

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Building an Enterprise Culture of Continuous Improvement

This case study details ARDEC's efforts to develop an enterprise-level culture of continuous improvement.

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Using the PCF to Establish the Foundation for Sustainable and Scalable Growth

This case study explores how Concentra was able to establish the foundation required for sustainable and scalable growth by developing and combining structured and standardized processes, roles, and areas of responsibility for each function by using a workforce analysis and modeling product.

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Using the PCF for Process Discovery and Documentation Efforts

This case study explores UNT System Administration’s standardization journey and how it extended its use of the PCF for its process discovery and documentation efforts. 

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Creating Clarity through Process Standardization

In this case study, APQC interviewed President and CEO Adeeb Barqawi about ProUnitas’ process management approach and its use of APQC’s MosaiQ® for its ten-person staff to effectively serve one of Houston’s poorest neighborhoods.

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Video: How to Apply the PCF

Watch this short video as APQC's Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland explains how organizaitons are applying the PCF.

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Using the PCF to Establish End-to-End Processes

In this case study, CMI's Diego Alvarado, process optimization manager at CMI, discusses the organization’s end-to-end process improvement initiatives.

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Using the PCF to Standardize Processes

This case study looks at how Syngenta used APQC's PCF as a reference tool for its efforts to define, standardize, and manage the performance of its business processes.

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Managing a Portfolio of Process Improvement Opportunities

This case study looks at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's solution including an investment in a team of process managers and a four-phase improvement framework that would combine an array of process methodologies, project management, and analytics.

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Using APQC's PCF as the Basis for a New IT Process Framework

This presentation illustrates how APQC's PCF can be applied to help an organization identify and reduce redundant processes and tools.

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