APQC's Sponsored Research and Data Collection

The APQC sponsored research and data collection program is a unique opportunity for our professional services firms, associations, and technology providers to participate in APQC research and/or data collection. Our best practice studies are a way for organizations to learn trends and leading practices from a large group of organizations. This fee-based program allows you to gain unparalleled access to this learning and APQC’s data, research, and audience. We cover topics within financial management, human capital management, knowledge management, process and performance management and supply chain. 

Available Sponsorship Opportunities

Agile Workforce Planning

This research will explore to what extent and in what ways organizations are using traditional versus more agile workforce planning methods. It will also explore the extent to which current workforce planning approaches are proving sufficient for responding to pandemic-driven business changes and whether organizations that are using agile approaches report being better able to respond.

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Analyzing Benchmarks in Supply Chain

This project includes an in-depth dive in benchmarks in supply chain management. It includes key benchmarks in various process groups, as well as tune-up diagnostics and guidance for improving performance on selected KPIs.

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Benchmarking Diversity and Inclusion

A number of trends are driving the need for D&I benchmarks. This research will pilot collecting a small set of D&I benchmarks in order to better meet current member needs as well as to assess the future feasibility of expanding research in this area. Potential to coordinate with OSB – although this may not be a priority area for them at this time.

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Building and Maintaining Sustainable Supply Chains

APQC has been hearing about the need more insights into “sustainability” across the supply chain. This is a broad umbrella that includes environmental factors, social issues, and corporate governance (ESG) commitments and goals. We are seeking to synthesize the latest insights to gather fresh data on the current state of corporate practices.

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Fixing Process and Knowledge Productivity Problems

APQC is looking to understand the impact of inferior knowledge and process management on individual employees and—by extension—business outcomes. The research will also assess the relative value of various interventions to better define and standardize work and connect employees to one another and the information they need to work effectively.

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HR Transformation

APQC’s HR transformation project will provide resources to help organizations ensure their HR functions are prepared to support digital business. It will provide guidance on how to assess business, manager, and employee needs; make decisions about HR technology; manage change within the HR function and the larger organization; and measure HR’s contribution to the realization of digital business strategies.


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Keep Content Fresh and Findable

The project will look at how organizations formulate their content strategies, bring people together to oversee and execute those strategies, and steer the content lifecycle. Special attention will be paid to tools and processes to keep content fresh (balancing knowledge and legal retention requirements with the need to streamline content and eliminate outdated and duplicative items) and to optimize search and discovery across channels.


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Benefits of Sponsorship

Program Benefits and Deliverables

Past Sponsored Research Projects

Finance MOM

This collection of content curates the latest finance shared services centers benchmarking research from APQC and sponsored by ScottMadden, including key benchmarks, top-performer analysis, and practices related to scope, governance, location trends, and technology and analytics.

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man with palm out and cash flowing

This APQC white paper sponsored by Esker Inc. paper focuses on key drivers for an effective end-to-end Order-to-Cash (O2C) process. It includes the activities encompassing the end-to-end O2C process, highlighting the special concerns surrounding order management and the need to coordinate it with accounts receivable (AR) activities and cash management.

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A bunch of employees standing together

This white paper, sponsored by Cognizant, reviews how HR professionals leverage HR strategy, HR technology, and change management to reach strategic human capital management maturity.

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