APQC's Sponsored Research and Data Collection

The APQC sponsored research and data collection program is a unique opportunity for our professional services firms, associations, and technology providers to participate in APQC research and/or data collection. Our best practice studies are a way for organizations to learn trends and leading practices from a large group of organizations. This fee-based program allows you to gain unparalleled access to this learning and APQC’s data, research, and audience. We cover topics within financial management, human capital management, knowledge management, process and performance management and supply chain. 

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Strategic Workforce Planning: Best and Next Practices Report

This report, sponsored by IBM, highlights findings based on a survey of 101 organizations with relatively mature strategic workforce planning processes and an analysis of the practices of the top 25 survey participants based on program outcomes.

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The Benefits of Automating Your Invoicing Process

This whitepaper, sponsored by Esker, shares research and analysis from APQC's Open Standards Benchmarking database on Customer Credit and Invoicing and Accounts Receivable (AR) regarding invoicing technology drivers, along with real-world examples in practice.

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Talent Optimization: Transforming HR and Human Capital Management for Business Growth

This white paper, sponsored by Cognizant, reviews how HR professionals leverage HR strategy, HR technology, and change management to reach strategic human capital management maturity.

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