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APQC K-12 Solutions can help you jumpstart your district’s improvement efforts and get the most out of your investment in program reform. Whether you’re just about to start a large-scale process reform initiative, or seeking expert guidance on how to use your current data effectively, APQC can help. Through organizational assessments, strategic planning workshops, and other tailored solutions, our experts apply process and business thinking to help you meet your district’s specific goals. 

Education Case Study

APQC Helps California School District Establish Processes, Continuous Improvement Mindset

With 50,000 students across 73 sites, the San Bernardino City Unified School District (SBCUSD) is the 10th largest school district in California. SBCUSD engaged with APQC to improve its efficiency by establishing a culture and mindset of continuous improvement, focused on enhancing productivity and student achievement.

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Organizational Assessments

An Organizational Assessment (“OA”) gives you a rigorous and objective external view of the organization. We evaluate your district’s performance from a systems, process, and people perspective, giving you a multi-dimensional appraisal. 

Our OA process includes information gathering and analysis, which involves interviews with internal and external stakeholders plus a review of district documentation. We present and discuss our findings in an in-person meeting with district leaders. In a feedback session with your team, we answer questions about your district’s strengths and opportunities for improvement, outline next steps on its continuous improvement journey, and incorporate our findings into your strategic plan.

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Strategic Planning

We offer three strategic planning solutions, all designed to facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing, and alignment to ensure the success of your program:

We provide a forum for multiple districts or organizations/departments to collaborate on developing a comprehensive and actionable strategic plan. In the workshop, we engage your strategic planning teams in key activities, including setting strategic objectives, developing specific action plans with accountable owners, and developing a monitoring plan for tracking performance over time. 


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In a series of working sessions, we facilitate collaboration between your organization’s leaders and key community stakeholders to align on a vision for the district, and develop of a customized strategic plan. During these sessions, we help the group develop strategic goals and objectives, identify and define strategies, develop action plans, and assign accountability for implementation. We also help you develop a monitoring plan for performance evaluation and a detailed communication plan to keep stakeholders up to date on the district’s progress. 

To ensure your success, we help you implement your strategic plan and evaluate your district’s performance as it executes the plan. Using the scorecard and dashboards developed with the strategic plan, we ensure that your plan is meeting its milestones and we pinpoint problem areas if it isn’t. We also help you communicate your progress to your stakeholders.   


Operational Excellence

We help you identify the three to five key strategic areas of concern that are most important to your organization. We then focus our efforts on two objectives: to transfer fundamental process and performance management skills to your organization and to get improvement results for your organization through project teams of four to six. 

In a workshop, your project teams will learn the fundamentals and basics of process improvement and how to apply these techniques to the project. We provide additional support to your team through coaching calls during project work, implementation, and closure.  

We focus on improving a single area of concern that you’ve targeted for process improvement or redesign. We help you identify a cross-functional team of four to six members to focus on this issue. We then support your team in implementation, with approximately 16 hours of onsite work plus virtual support over six to eight weeks.

In a 2-day workshop, we work with your district to review your data and determine what is “nice to know” vs. “need to know.” You’ll learn how to use data to identify problem areas and build a business case for improvement activities, plus how to communicate findings to various stakeholders. 

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

We offer customized coaching to give executive level leaders the necessary tools to build their individual strategic and Process and Performance Management (PPM) leadership skills. 

Systemic Redesign Improvement

Systemic Redesign Improvement

With our Systemic Redesign Improvement solution, we fully redesign one or more processes in a key area or areas. We provide a combination of onsite and virtual services, customized to your organization’s unique requirements. The duration, nature, and scope of the project will depend on your needs. 

Process Thinking

Process Thinking Workshops

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In our Process Thinking Workshops, we introduce you to the fundamentals of Process and Performance Management (PPM) and how it can help you capture, scale, and sustain transformation on a daily basis. This workshop is an ideal forum for leaders across your organization to identify voice of the customer  (VOC) insights to drive improvement.