Capability Assessments

For organizations seeking to improve their process or knowledge management efforts, an important first step is to thoroughly and objectively assess current capabilities and performance. APQC has developed strategic “health check” tools to quickly determine an organization’s level of maturity and highlight any gaps.

Our Advisory Services team works with clients to understand the business problem that they are trying to solve. Then, we determine if clients would benefit most from one of our standard assessments or if a customized survey tool is required.

Once the assessment is complete, our team interprets the results and presents recommendations for next steps. In some cases, the assessment will highlight gaps that the client hadn’t identified which may shift the focus in a new direction.

With the results in hand and gaps identified, clients are armed with a game plan. Some clients set off to tackle the problem and bridge the gaps internally while others engage APQC’s team of experts to help build out the gaps and join the implementation journey. Either way, health checks provide a strong starting point and answer to the question: where to from here?

APQC Assessments: Capability Assessments

Step 1: Select a Topic

Choosing an assessment is as easy as selecting a topic, choosing the type of assessment survey you’d like to complete, and taking your next step in process improvement.

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