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Your organization faces unique and complex challenges that go well beyond simple fixes. Our expert consultants can work with you to assess where your organization is today, where you want to be, and the steps needed to reach your goals. They do this across the spectrum of disciplines that drive improvement within organizations -  process , knowledge , quality , performance measurement, project management. Browse a few of our client case studies to learn about APQC's role in guiding organizations through these challenges, and see how APQC can customize our best practice research and expertise directly to your organization.

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Case Study: Developing a Benchmarking and Assessment Tool

A leading global provider of advanced analytics, technology solutions, and clinical research services to the life sciences industry engaged APQC to facilitate the development and implementation of its benchmarking tool to evaluate their clients.

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Knowledge Mapping in Action: Bechtel

This case study, part of APQC's "Knowledge Mapping in Action" research, details the knowledge mapping and transfer initiative at Bechtel. Bechtel has a five-step process to map expert knowledge and transfer it to successors within the organization.

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Building a Mature Knowledge Management Program at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

USACE is an excellent example of how standardizing KM activities and tools can energize and propel a KM program’s capabilities. In this interview, APQC's Cindy Hubert spoke to USACE Chief Knowledge Officer Ian D. Pfaff and John Davis, the KM representative for the Southwestern Division of USACE about the organization’s KM journey to increasing maturity.

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APQC teaches us how to use different tools, gives us different techniques, and consults with us to make sure we're being as effective as we can.

Focusing Knowledge Management on Business Results at Swagelok

Swagelok founded a knowledge management (KM) program to increase knowledge sharing among its sales and service centers, but the initial effort did not have the right strategy or enablers in place. The organization’s knowledge-sharing team developed a new KM strategy for its sales and service centers based on four guiding principles: leadership, environment, approach, and people.

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Implementing Lean Principles at Des Moines Public Schools

In March 2015, Des Moines Public Schools embarked on something new: Implementing lean processes to create continuous improvement in productivity and efficiency. The idea was sparked by a leadership effort to create a balanced scorecard, which led to the discovery of lean principles and their effect on reducing waste in both money and time. 

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Managing Information Quality at Intel

Intel enlisted the help of APQC Advisory Services to seek out a standard metrology that the organization could apply to its own information management strategy. This case study details how APQC conducted the study and how Intel applied the findings to create a groundbreaking enterprisewide information quality metrology of its own.

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APQC was a key resource to aid in developing a strategy for the migration of key knowledge assets for every domain at my organization.

Mathieu Demers, Bombardier

Knowledge Mapping in Action: U.S. Army ARDEC

This case study, part of APQC's "Knowledge Mapping in Action" research, details the U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC)’s knowledge mapping initiative. 

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Paige Fenton Hughes on Finding a 'New Normal' For Education

APQC interviewed the Superintendent of Converse County School District 1 about what the ‘new normal’ looks like for education going forward and some of the top challenges with delivering and measuring new processes in a pandemic.

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Leveraging Customer Satisfaction for Performance Improvements: ICASS Case Study

This case study looks at how the Internal Cooperative Administrative Support Services (ICASS) used a simple customer satisfaction survey to overcome many of the roadblocks (business silos, organizational resistance, and a lack of automation) to standardized performance measures and establish consistent improvement efforts across its globally disperse sites.

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The best thing about APQC in this project is they weren’t trying to sell us a product. A lot of KM experts have some kind of product they are trying to sell in addition to their expertise

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