How Olympus Drives Operational Excellence in a Complex Process Environment

Published On:
April 12, 2024
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Process management activities like documentation, standardization, and digitization all help organizations to optimize their processes and enable continuous improvement. But carrying out these activities can be challenging, especially in large, globally distributed organizations where processes can vary from one region or business unit to the next. 

In an APQC webinar, Sara Geising-Eggers (Vice-President, Process and Data Excellence at Olympus Corporation) shared the methods, strategies, and tools that have helped medical technology company Olympus transform its operations for long-term sustainable growth. Geising-Eggers discussed:

  • The organization’s approach to operational excellence, 
  • how technology and process management enable continuous improvement, and
  • how Olympus leverages GBTEC’s Best-in-class (BIC) Platform for process management and process improvement.

This article provides a summary of the webinar’s key themes.