Evolving Excellence in KM at Cognizant

Published On:
April 23, 2024
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Cognizant is a leading professional services company focused on transforming clients' business, operating, and technology models for the digital era. APQC spoke with Cognizant's Knowledge Management team about how they achieved Level 5 maturity in knowledge management at the enterprise level.

This case study describes how a mature KM organization can continue to innovate and pivot when conditions and challenges change. Topics include:

  • background on Cognizant’s approach to knowledge management,
  • how the KM team vision and strategy has evolved to focus on aligning strategy to the individual needs of associates so that they can perform successfully on client projects,
  • recent digital and program innovations, and
  • future outlook and key takeaways.

Cognizant is now a three-time recipient of APQC's Excellence in KM recognition program.