The Tata Group Case Study - Benchmarking Supply Chain Resilience

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February 01, 2024
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The Tata Group is an Indian multinational conglomerate headquartered in Mumbai with products and services in over 150 countries and operations in 100 countries across six continents. APQC’s Marisa Brown (Senior Principal Research Lead, Supply Chain Management) interviewed members of the Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG) including Devraj Chattaraj (General Manager, TBExG), Alok Shahapurkar (Senior Manager, TBExG), and Brajesh Chandra (Manager, Lead Benchmarking, TBExG), who shared insights about: 

  • designing an internal benchmarking survey that meets the needs of diverse industries and companies, 
  • using a benchmarking project as a catalyst for process improvement and collaboration across the enterprise, 
  • specific insights about supply chain resilience that emerged from their study, and 
  • lessons learned that are applicable to organizations seeking to undertake benchmarking initiatives. 

This case study provides an example of how a large global enterprise such as the Tata Group can use internal benchmarking and knowledge sharing to achieve excellence and promote collaboration among companies in a group that span many industries and geographies.