A Better Way to Implement Business Software Solutions: Aligning Process, Information, and Technology

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I was recently able to speak with Tim Allen, vice president at Project Consulting Group (PCG) about the common pitfalls of implementing ERP, CRM, and BI systems.  Often these implementations are driven by rapid execution strategies designed to save time and money, with little or no consideration for the correct alignment of the technology with the company’s mission critical process. In many cases, the company is not able to garner true ROI from the software investment and employees actually end up using only a small portion of the software functionality.

5 Innovations Leaders Believe Are on the Way

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A majority of business decision makers want their organizations to do more to embrace modern technologies and new channels of customer engagement and digital experience. That’s one of the key findings presented by the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network in its report Accelerating Business Transformation Through IT Innovation: Getting the Business Leader Take on the IT Change Mandate.

Procurement Playing Field Has Changed. Are You Prepared?

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Today’s sourcing and procurement function has the ability to be so much more than just the buying arm of the enterprise, focused only on getting the lowest cost. Shifting the focus to what the business needs to accomplish its goals can enable procurement to take into account elements such as supplier quality and reliability. The procurement playing field today requires knowing when and how to apply collaborative relationships in which suppliers are motivated to drive transformation and innovation with purposeful investments designed to create value.

Think Corporate Finance Execs Can’t Be ‘Phished’? Think Again

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Greetings and salutations cherished employee,

This is an email spoofing scam masquerading as an executive or trusted vendor. It goes sort of like this:  I am travelling overseas visiting our facilities in Eastern Europe and need funds to confirm our commitment to a building expansion. Please wire 20K Euros to the account below and rest assured you are doing your job well. Your hard work is appreciated.

Benefits and Challenges of Enterprise Search in Knowledge Management

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Anyone following APQC’s recent content management research knows that an excellent enterprise search capability—one that surfaces the best content, conversations, and experts for a given query—is essential for organizations that want to maximize the value of their knowledge assets.  In this video Diane Berry, senior vice president of market strategy at Coveo, explains how enterprise search can improve a KM program and the challenge of getting it right.

The Secret Knowledge Management Asset You Need To Stop Ignoring

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Dorothy Leonard’s excellent insights in her recent CLO article 5 Ways to Ensure Critical Knowledge Transfer were a great reminder of the importance of “getting ahead of the game” when it comes to retaining an organization’s knowledge. But why was it even necessary to write it?

Simple Ways to Motivate Employees During Summer

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There’s still over a month before Labor Day, which usually marks the end of summer. By now, you might have noticed employees seem a little less enthusiastic about deadlines and meetings. It’s called the mid-summer slump, and it’s not uncommon.

The Business of the Future Today, with Predictive Analytics

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One of the greatest challenges any business faces is staying relevant in a competitive environment. In the past, business leaders were forced to feel out their environments and read the tea leaves of industry and market forces to stay in the game. Today, a new augur for performance and planning exists, predictive business analytics (PBA).

What Building IKEA Furniture Can Teach You About Process Improvement

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The first time you try to put together IKEA furniture, it seems simple enough. You have all the parts; the instructions appear well documented and sequential. But more often than not, 20 minutes in you realize you’ve got trouble: boards are upside down, the unfinished edge is showing on one side, and the Allen wrench is causing calluses.

4 Ways to Train Away Your Talent Shortages

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In my last blog post, Recruiting Won’t Solve Your Talent Shortage, I wrote that training and development is often overlooked as a talent shortage solution. APQC’s Open Standards Benchmarking in training and development provides a clue as to why. It shows that most organizations today deliver the bulk of training and development via classroom instruction.