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KM Success is About End Users' Happiness

In KM, the End User Experience Is Everything


“Build it—and they won’t necessarily come” is one of my favorite sayings about knowledge management tools. Fancy technology makes zero difference if no one uses it. For KM to make an impact, it must make sense to end users, solve problems they care about, and draw them in.  Elevations…

How to Build A KM Program That Lasts

9 Ways to Build a Lasting KM Program


Leading an enterprise KM initiative can be daunting, but it helps to connect with those who have done it successfully. Earlier this month, I sat down with five KM veterans to learn the secrets to their success.  Juanita Coyle, CT1 KMSO, U.S. Navy Ian Pfaff, CKO, U.S. Army Training and…

How KM Should Support The Business

How KM Should Support the Business in 2022


Knowledge management teams can be captivated by the beauty of their own methodologies, but KM is pointless unless it provides concrete value to the business. What “value to the business” means varies widely, however. A KM program might be designed to shorten project cycle times through knowledge…

Biggest KM Adoption Mistakes

The Biggest Mistakes About KM Adoption


While designing and implementing KM solutions can be tricky, the hardest part is getting people to actually use them. People are busy, and most are not thrilled by change. And unlike transitioning to a new ERP system, for example, KM adoption is often voluntary. This leaves KM teams in the…

 7 Things A Good Job Handoff Document Needs

What Is a Job Handoff Document?


A job handoff document is exactly what it sounds like: It’s a record you create for someone who is taking over your job, either temporarily or permanently, to help them get up to speed. A handoff document cannot transfer in-depth expertise from years in a position, but it is a quick-and-dirty way…

Biggest KM Threats & Opportunities in 2021

Top KM Threats & Opportunities for 2021 & 2022


The world is rethinking where and how people work—and how technology can best support that work. This transformation affects both what knowledge management is capable of and what organizations need from a good KM program. Recognizing that things are changing quickly, APQC launched new KM Trends…