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How Do You Benchmark A Supply Chain?

How Do You Benchmark a Supply Chain?


You benchmark in supply chain by planning your activities, collecting quantitative and qualitative data from your own and other organizations, analyzing what you collected, and then adapting your findings to take action.  To benchmark a supply chain, it’s important to begin with a clear…

It's Time to Get Serious About Supply Chain Benchmarks

Why is Supply Chain Benchmarking Important?


Supply chain benchmarking is important because managers need to: understand how their supply chains compare to competitors’, evaluate “as is” conditions before they can determine what to fix,  encourage innovation, compare performance across business units, and leverage data for…

Supply Chain 2022 Challenges

Supply Chain 2022: Focus on the Foundation


In 2021, battered and bruised supply chains got back in the game. In retrospect, it looked a lot like what the sports world calls a “rebuilding year”—one with a lot of change, a lot of attention, and muted expectations. A rebuilding year can be exciting at times, but it’s mostly exhausting, and…

Reverse Logistics Wrecking Supply Chains

How Reverse Logistics Slows 2022 Supply Chains


Media coverage of supply chain disruptions during the COVID-19 pandemic has made the “average Jane or Joe” more aware of what supply chains are than ever before. Port congestion has been an almost-nightly topic on the news. But reverse logistics, or returns, is much less talked about. I recently…

Transformation in Procurement Start with Vendor Relationships

How to Transform Procurement


We’ve made it through 2021, and 2022 is already 8 percent complete. Crazy? That is, I think we may all be a bit crazy after the insane year we just finished. To keep supply chains and organizations moving while facing longer lead times, slower transit times, and demand outpacing supply, procurement…

Artificial Intelligence Poised to Help Supply Chains

Supply Chain AI Moves From Theory To Reality


New and emerging technologies are changing the way supply chains operate. The impact of technology is compounded by all the recent disruptions affecting supply chains, like the pandemic, supply shortages, and security threats. Among the technologies impacting supply chain is artificial intelligence…

Improving the End-to-End Order-to-Cash Process

What is the Order-to-Cash Process?


Order-to-Cash (O2C) is a critical end-to-end process that, when optimized, creates a seamless value chain from customers to the business. But for many organizations, O2C has been a particularly gnarly set of processes to optimize. Its domain stretches across functions and organizational boundaries…