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In 2025, Will Your Business Have the Finance Talent it Needs?

Why Finance Talent Should Matter—To Everyone


In 2025, Will Your Business Have the Finance Talent It Needs? If you don’t work in the finance function, you might think that this question isn’t relevant to you—but you’d be wrong. This question should matter to you (and everyone who works in an organization) because what’s happening with…

No, We Don't Hate HR

No, We Really Don't Hate HR


Popular opinion has not been kind to HR. Over the years, HR has been described as the policy police, paper pushers, corporate protectors, planners of pointless interruptions, and most extremely, as an entity to be avoided at all costs.  It seems that negative headlines about the HR function…

Employee Retention Starts With Listening

Keys To Retaining Employees in 2022


These days my news feed is full of stories about employee burnout, job dissatisfaction, and rising quit rates.   Some of the articles offer solutions. They advise employers to accommodate workplace and work schedule flexibility, bolster pay and benefits, and make sure that employees have…

How to Get Peak HR Performance

Urgent Challenges HR Faces in 2021


Businesses today are facing urgent workforce challenges. The pressure is on HR to be at the top of its game. Yet, barriers threaten to hold HR back. In this blog, I share one action (spoiler alert: its closing HR skills gaps) that HR functions and HR professionals will want to take today to get on…

How to Make Shared HR Services Great

What Great HR Shared Services Have in Common


APQC and ScottMadden partner to collect benchmarks on HR shared services organizations. In an email interview with APQC, ScottMadden explained why continuous improvement is important in HR shared services and shared advice for reaching peak HR shared services performance. After reading the…