APQC’s Knowledge Flow Matrix: Description and Instructions

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August 30, 2015
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APQC collaborated with its 2014-2015 Knowledge Management Advanced Working Group to create new tools for understanding and documenting an organization's knowledge needs. The result is a two-step process based on APQC's Role-Based Matrix for Identifying Knowledge Needs and APQC's Knowledge Flow Matrix. Instead of revolving around a business process the way traditional knowledge mapping does, these tools focus on a particular job role. The goal is to articulate the knowledge required for an employee to perform a job, categorize that knowledge according to the timeframe in which the employee needs to access it, and then document how the knowledge flows from source to recipient in order to identify risks or problems that may prevent the knowledge from reaching the employee in time.

This document describes APQC’s Knowledge Flow Matrix and provides detailed instructions for leveraging this tool in your organization. Click here to download an editable version of this tool in Microsoft Excel.