APQC’s Knowledge Flow Matrix: Description and Instructions

Published On:
January 29, 2021
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For many years, APQC has advocated knowledge mapping as a technique to help organizations identify the knowledge required to perform the work of the business, understand where that knowledge resides, and uncover knowledge gaps or bottlenecks that may impede successful operations. However, a good knowledge map is based on a detailed, accurate process map that describes the steps involved in performing certain work. This means that less process-oriented organizations that lack process documentation may struggle to look at knowledge flow through the lens of traditional knowledge maps. In light of this, APQC created two alternative tools for documenting the knowledge needs of the business: APQC’s Role-Based Matrix for Identifying Knowledge Needs and APQC’s Knowledge Flow Matrix.

This document describes APQC’s Knowledge Flow Matrix and provides detailed instructions for leveraging this tool in your organization. Click here to download an editable version of this tool in Microsoft Excel.