Overviews from APQC's 2019 Process and Performance Management Conference

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October 18, 2019
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APQC hosted its annual Process and Performance Management (PPM) Conference from September 30th—October 4th, 2019, in Houston. APQC’s 2019 PPM conference theme was “Driving Value End-to-End,” which focused on breaking down silos, the pervasive rapid change of digital work, and the need for increasing the customer value. These rapid and continuing changes force organizations to transform how work gets accomplished. Ultimately tying people, technology, and processes together into a cohesive whole: Human meets digital, enabled by process. 

In many ways, process management is well-positioned to take on these challenges. Successful digital initiatives require a deep dive into process and data, which is a core process management skillset. Customer centricity is also an integral part of traditional process management methodologies like Lean. Finally, process managers understand organizational silos better than most, because they must work across them to manage and improve end-to-end processes. Are you ready to embrace a broader, end-to-end vision of your role within the organization? Equip yourself with the tools and tactics to communicate the value of process management, advance process and improvement initiatives, and sustain behavior change so that it becomes part of your organization’s DNA.

This is the collection of overviews for each breakout and keynote session. Click here for the collection of the speakers’ presentation slides.