APQC's Process Audit Template

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March 12, 2024
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Process audits help organizations to evaluate the health of a specific process or process group. Organizations looking to evaluate the maturity of their entire process management program should perform a business process management maturity assessment referenced in APQC’s Building Blocks of Success: Seven Tenets of Process Management Maturity Model article.

This tool references APQC’s process maturity model which has five levels of maturity that represent the gradient of maturity from the level of ‘Initiated’ (the lowest level of maturity) to ‘Innovative’ (the highest). Process characteristics at each level of maturity span five domains to enable evaluation of processes in a holistic and thorough way. The five domains include knowledge, people, process integration, performance, and tools and technology.  

Organizations should use this tool in conjunction with the article, How to Use APQC's Process Audit Template.