KM Innovation at PTTEP

Published On:
February 16, 2024
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PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (PTTEP) is the national petroleum exploration and production company of Thailand. Their main goal is to become the preferred energy partner through competitive performance and innovation for creating long-term value. The KM team plays a vital role in achieving this vision of innovation.

APQC conducted an interview with Benjamaporn Boonsiriya, a Senior Officer in the Knowledge Intelligence Department at PTTEP, about how her team pursued continuous innovation after achieving Level 5 maturity at an enterprise level via APQC's KM Capability Assessment Tool (KM-CAT). The discussion shed light on how organizations that have already achieved excellence in their knowledge management (KM) activities can continually improve and innovate to achieve their knowledge objectives. Topics covered in this case study include: 

  • an overview of PTTEP’s approach to knowledge management;
  • recent challenges and opportunities;
  • the importance of leadership support;
  • future goals, skills, and outlook; and
  • key takeaways.

PTTEP is now a three-time recipient of APQC's Excellence in KM recognition program.