The Role of Technology in KM: Adapting to Disruptions and Transforming Culture

Published On:
December 07, 2023
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In today's fast-paced world, Knowledge Management practitioners are confronted with constant disruptions and opportunities created by outdated systems and new technology, as well as the impact of technology on people and culture.

In this webinar, APQC delves into some early insights and research on common tools that support collaboration, content management, discovery, and the application of artificial intelligence. Getting a sense of how organizations can utilize existing and state-of-the-art technologies effectively, and understanding the implications for KM, is crucial. 

Featured speakers:

  • Lynda Braksiek - APQC
  • Cindy Hubert - APQC
  • Carla O'Dell - APQC

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APQC is conducting further research and will continue sharing our valuable findings through upcoming publications within this resource collection.