What are End-To-End Processes and How Do Organizations Use Them?

Published On:
January 26, 2024
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An end-to-end process mindset is often necessary to help organizations achieve their goals because strategic goals are rarely functional in nature. They address large-scale issues such as improving organizational agility, becoming customer-centric, or entering a new market. Such goals rely on understanding how the organization creates value and aligns the purpose of its processes.

In this webinar, APQC’s Madison Lundquist:

  1. Defines an end-to-end process and share why are they important
  2. Explores how organizations use end-to-end processes
  3. Discusses the benefits and challenges of mapping end-to-end processes
  4. Shows how APQC’s Process Classification Framework relates to end-to-end process maps and models

This is a copy of the presentation slides. Click here to view the webinar recording.