Developing Critical Skills for Process and Knowledge Professionals

Published On:
February 23, 2024
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Amid the hype of technologies like AI and a constantly changing business landscape, it’s easy for organizations to forget the importance of key skills like collaboration and deep listening. For Maggie Starkey (Knowledge Management Specialist, Kraton Corporation), these skills are critical for Knowledge Management (KM) and Process and Performance Management (PPM) professionals to do their best work. In an interview with APQC’s Madison Lundquist (Principal Research Lead, Process and Performance Management), Starkey highlighted: 

  • some of the most important skills for KM and PPM to develop today; 
  • skills that will be highly relevant to KM and PPM in the future; and 
  • how KM and PPM leaders can break down resistance to building key soft skills.

The following provides a summary of the interview’s key themes.

View Starkey’s presentation slides and a summary of the presentation in the Resource Library.