Time to Competency as a Key Knowledge Sharing Metric



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From the Author: A friend of mine is a river pilot on the Mississippi River. He boards ships to bring them in and out of the port safely. His family has been river pilots for generations, and he intimately knows the twists and turns of the river. But, he also knows what's underneath the water – sunken barges, huge tree trunks and lots of uncategorized debris. Navigating the river is as much about knowing what you can't see as what you can.
Running an organization is very much like piloting a ship. We use metrics to determine where we are going and what changes we need to make to get to our goal. If teams don't account for some metrics, that can lead to wrong turns and potential disaster. One metric that organizations don't often account for is time to competency. Find out how to uncover and measure this benefit of knowledge sharing.

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