APQC Process Classification Framework (PCF) - Automotive (OEM) - Excel Version 5.0.1



Effective benchmarking requires common definitions and processes. Like a shared language, organizations need to make apples-to-apples comparisons to obtain accurate benchmarks and metrics. They can use the original Process Classification Framework (PCF)SM as a common language and open standard to allow organizations to see and discuss their activities from an industry-neutral viewpoint. There is also a PDF version.


While cross-industry content is valuable, APQC recognizes that for some industries it is more difficult to apply, and nuances in processes may occur by industry. As a result, APQC is releasing industry-specific frameworks to enable faster, more relevant use and comparisons. IBM provided the subject matter expertise and intellectual property to develop and donate these industry PCFs in support of open standards.As of 2009, APQC has released a total of 11 industry-specific PCFs.

The Automotive PCF includes processes for new vehicle portfolio planning, developing market strategies, setting business objectives, creating sourcing strategies, engineering, design validation, prototyping, and testing. Other processes specific to automotive are brand management, vehicle demand planning, production scheduling and monitoring, inventory management, quality validation, and managing dealer relationships.

The PCF is written in United States English language format.