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Cognitive Computing and KM: Brace for Impact


Today is Meteor Day 2017, and it has been about 66 million years since a giant asteroid crashed into the Earth, wiping out the dinosaurs. Just last month, a new BBC documentary revealed that it wasn’t the size of the asteroid that did it – it was the fact that the giant object made impact in the…

Digitizing the Supply Chain


Digitizing the supply chain is continuing to unfold. In the past week, I’ve spoken to a few organizations about their progress to create the digital supply chain – running the gamut from getting it started in earnest, to full on using it. One thing was clear – no plans are in place to change…

Doing Good with Data at the University of Chicago


About a month ago, I got the chance to interview Lauren Haynes, Associate Director at the Center for Data Science and Public Policy at the University of Chicago and a fellow presenter at next week’s Predictive Analytics World conference in Chicago. Lauren and I talked about how data science is…