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Who Should Lead Business Transformation?


Should the leader of your business transformation be an industry expert, an employee who knows the company inside out, or someone who is an expert in business transformation (but might not know the company's industry)? Here are the key skills you need to drive business…

HR Benchmarks on Demand


When it comes to HR metrics there is no shortage at APQC. But did you know that APQC members have access to a wide range of HR metrics at any time? APQC’s Benchmarks on Demand tool (available via our Web site) allows members to browse, select, and download HR metrics in real time. Need to know…

Spend Analysis and Procurement Performance


Visibility into spending is a topic that is on almost everyone’s mind these days. That’s why more and more organizations are devoting efforts to spend management, in which spending patterns are identified and an organization can pinpoint opportunities for long-term savings. For the supply chain…

Why the War For Consulting Talent Will Intensify


As demand for consulting improves, consulting leaders are becoming increasingly worried they won’t have as many consultants as they’ll need to meet future demand. And they have every reason to be concerned. Partners are sharing with me that they’re already finding it harder to recruit consultants…

Financial Management: Best Practices Today


Need a quick and handy way to learn what top-notch finance executives are up to? Take a look at this webinar that I hosted recently for APQC’s financial management community. I presented a tidy package of what I determined to be the most informative case studies and metrics analyses that our…

Procurement Tune-Up Updated for 2012


Is your organization’s procurement area running smoothly? APQC created our popular Procurement Tune-Up Diagnostic and Interactive Procurement Tune-Up Diagnostic to help organizations find out. Both tools have been updated for 2012 with fresh data from our Open Standards Benchmarking in procurement…