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Consultants to Regain Negotiating Leverage in 2013


APQC’s analysis of consulting procurement practices finds that pricing pressure should be less intense in 2013. In 2012, 94 percent of organizations surveyed by APQC said they expected larger fee discounts (below book rates) than the year before; that percentage plummets to 14 percent in 2013. In…

Why Former Consultants Make Deliberate Buyers


Selling consulting services to a former consultant requires a different mindset than when pitching a project to someone who has never sat on your side of the negotiating table. APQC’s analysis of 72 organizations’ consulting procurement practices found some key distinctions you should be aware of…

Why Brand Doesn’t Matter in Consulting


The consulting profession’s largest firms--the multi-billion dollar global firms that offer services across multiple industries, geographies, and market segments--have brand awareness levels as much as twice that of the average firm. However, the relative likelihood that a client will hire them isn…

Keys to Unearthing 2013’s Hidden Consulting Demand


It’s all a matter of perspective. Countless books, reports, and journal articles lament the decline of the consulting profession, couching this grim forecast in phrases like the “end of big ideas.” Instead of writing the profession’s obituary, APQC has reached a different conclusion after…

What Do Clients Value When Hiring a Consultant?


For professional services firms, knowing what clients value in a consulting firm—and crafting the message accordingly—can be the difference between winning and losing an engagement. To that end, APQC asked senior procurement and C-level executives to prioritize what they value when hiring a…

Why the War For Consulting Talent Will Intensify


As demand for consulting improves, consulting leaders are becoming increasingly worried they won’t have as many consultants as they’ll need to meet future demand. And they have every reason to be concerned. Partners are sharing with me that they’re already finding it harder to recruit consultants…