Reflect, Connect and Envision: APQC’s Annual Conference Check-up

Published On:
November 02, 2023
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APQC hosted its annual conference earlier this year, with the theme of "People, Process, Knowledge" - the three key factors present in any successful organization. In this webinar, APQC provided a mid-year touchpoint, highlighting common themes of interest from the conference and discussing the hottest topics in knowledge management and process. As part of the webinar, a presenter and conference attendee shared their experiences and takeaways. A sneak peek of the 2024 conference was also provided, with the theme "CONNECT, CHANGE, GROW."

Featured speakers:

  • Cindy Hubert - APQC
  • Tamara Viles - TechnipFMC
  • TJ Hsu  - Astellas
  • Facilitated by Lynda Braksiek and Madison Lundquist, APQC

You are currently viewing the on-demand recording. Click here to view a copy of the presentation slides.