Driving Innovation through Process Management: Realizing the Potential of Digital Transformation

Published On:
January 23, 2024
Authored By:
Mathias Kirchmer, Managing Director, Scheer Americas, Inc.
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Companies must apply their innovation capabilities in an agile way to achieve an immediate impact while preparing for disruptive improvements. This is especially important for digital transformations which deliver their value through the resulting business processes. Business process management (BPM) as a management discipline helps to address these needs. Correctly set up, the BPM-Discipline delivers more than just efficiencies, quality, or compliance. It establishes an agile and focused innovation capability within an organization. Process management delivers process innovation in the form of new or enhanced business processes, organizes the way organizations address innovation, and helps manage the innovation process. This paper examines the relationship between process management and innovation. It shows how the discipline of BPM becomes a major enabler of agile innovation that delivers the full potential of digital transformation initiatives.

This report discusses how to drive innovation through process management through the power of digital transformation.