APQC Process Classification Framework (PCF) - Version 4.0 - Japanese



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The Process Classification Framework (PCF) serves as a high-level, generic enterprise model or taxonomy that encourages businesses and other organizations to see their activities from a cross-industry process viewpoint instead of from a narrow functional viewpoint. The PCF supplies a generic view of business processes often found in multiple industries and sectors - manufacturing and service, healthcare, government, education, and others.

This is Version 4 of the PCF, the original was created in 1993 with the next revision in 2007. The PCF is a living document and as its owner, APQC will continue to accept feedback from its members and continue to revise it on an annual basis in order to ensure that it is a true representation of how businesses function. The earlier versions of the PCF can be located on the KB.

Also available in the KB is a listing of measures that correspond to the category levels of the PCF. Please search for summary of process measures, 2007. If you would like to receive benchmarks in key process areas please fill out our surveys on our site.


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