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Reshoring in the News Again


Over the weekend NPR ran a story on reshoring: not necessarily a new topic, but one that has gained new publicity by the recent announcement from Apple that it will move production of a line of its Macs from China to the United States. NPR’s story highlights the case of GE, which has been making…

Food Supply Traceability


Serious food recalls, such as the recall of salmonella-tainted cantaloupes in the United States last summer, often make the news and are alarming for consumers. Yet not every food recall receives news coverage, and this was the inspiration for the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) that was…

Supply Chain Transformation


You can download a recording and the slides from APQC's November 2012 Supply Chain Management Community Call. Join APQC for our November supply chain community call on Tuesday, November 13 at 10:30 a.m. (CDT) to hear Rich Sherman, director of strategic development for the Council of…

Logistics Benchmarking


In my last blog post I highlighted APQC’s recently released collection of key procurement benchmarks. This time I wanted to highlight our content featuring logistics benchmarks. First up is a series called Logistics Benchmarks. These articles, based on the report Blueprint for Success: Logistics (…

Key Procurement Benchmarks


APQC’s latest supply chain content allows you to compare your organization’s procurement performance with that of other companies in your industry. Our Key Procurement Benchmarks collection highlights the performance of organizations in the consumer products/packaged goods, electronics, industrial…

How Vested Outsourcing Benefits Business


Vested outsourcing is an innovative way to create value and get sustainable results through business relationships. Kate Vitasek of Supply Chain Visions and the University of Tennessee’s Center for Executive Education recently presented at APQC’s Supply Chain Community Call about how organizations…

By Request: Strategic Sourcing


Are you looking to read more on strategic sourcing? Here at APQC we’ve been receiving a lot of requests for content on this topic. We have plenty available for both APQC members and nonmembers. APQC’s recent best practices report Supplier Category Management: Driving Value Through the Procurement…

A Look at 3PL Use


Third-party logistics providers (3PLs) have become an integral part of the supply chain industry, and many are expanding the services they provide to shippers. But what services are 3PLs and fourth-party logistics providers (4PLs) really providing? And are 3PLs and 4PLs meeting their customers’…

To Offshore or Reshore?


Has your organization looked closely at whether offshoring manufacturing is the best choice? During a recent Webinar, Harry Moser of the Reshoring Initiative discussed how organizations can calculate the total cost of ownership for offshoring manufacturing. The Webinar was…