How Process Frameworks Enable Automation: National Bank of Moldova Case Study

Published On:
December 15, 2023
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In August of 2023, APQC’s Madison Lundquist (Principal Research Lead, Process and Performance Management) interviewed Natalia V. Zabolotnii (Director of Strategy, Organization and HR; National Bank of Moldova), who shared insights about:

  • how the bank set out to identify and reengineer its most vital end-to-end business processes using process frameworks,
  • how creating a business process management (BPM) team of experts helped the department reach its goals in facilitating process change across business units,
  • the improved business outcomes and identified operational risk factors that resulted from the BPM and operational risk management (ORM) team’s efforts, and
  • best practices and key takeaways for organizations who wish to use frameworks for process optimization.

This case study provides an example of how process frameworks can be used to optimize processes and achieve improved business outcomes.