Appropriate Process Standardization

Published On:
January 23, 2024
Authored By:
Mathias Kirchmer, Managing Director, Scheer Americas, Inc.
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Realizing the right process standardization has a significant impact on the performance of companies. It has become especially important as a foundation to deliver efficient and impactful digital transformation initiatives. The importance of process standardization requires the development of a systematic approach as presented in this paper. This approach addresses required context-driven variants and considers all components of a business process, hence, organization, data, functions, deliverables and control flow. Levels of detail and abstraction of the standardization are defined based on the specific goals. The realization of process standards leverages process reference models as a core enabler as well as appropriately defined process governance to sustain the standardized processes.

This report discusses how appropriate process standardization is the foundation for efficient and impactful digital transformation.