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Worthless Words about Priceless Memories

I’m going to start off this blog with a few (seemingly) random facts. First, it’s springtime. Second, my friends and I are in our late twenties. Finally, I participate in social media. These facts are relatively meaningless on their own, but, when taken in combination, they can mean only one thing: I see lots and lots of wedding photos each and every day. 

We all know the old adage about a picture’s being “worth a thousand words,” and I agree with that. But I’d argue that wedding pictures, particularly of your closest friends, are worth way more than a thousand words. In fact, one might say they’re “priceless”—which for some reason means the exact opposite of the word “worthless”…English is hard.

Anyway, seeing all these photos of my friends getting married has me doing some deep thinking about my history with these people—what we’ve been through, how things have changed, etc. It also has inspired me to reconnect with some of them and re-energize my relationships with them with an eye toward the future. In any case, seeing these images has made me keenly aware of the passage of time.

So, in the spirit of reflection and anticipation, I cordially invite you to join me as I take a walk down memory lane (aka APQC’s Knowledge Base).

I find myself thinking about how far I’ve come since I started at APQC in 2015. Our legendary research study, Transformational Change—Making it Last was the big kid on the block and APQC’s explosive insights on Achieving Organizational Agility were still little more than a twinkle in Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland’s eye at that point.

Today, I spend my days picking Mary Driscoll’s brain about Best Practices in Planning and Management Accounting and rehearsing my Change Management for Establishing a Data-driven Culture presentation as I prepare to present at the Predictive Analytics World conference this summer.

Things constantly change at APQC, just as they do in life in general. But one thing you can always count on from us is our commitment to bringing you the most actionable information possible about the most relevant challenges facing you and your organization.

Thank you to APQC members—past, present, and future—for coming along for the ride. We look forward to celebrating your successes with you in the coming years, just as I find myself celebrating my friends’ accomplishments each day when I fire up my MySpace account.

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