PCF Version 6.0.0 Process Definitions and Key Measures (Collection)



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APQC's Process Classification Framework (PCF) contains hundreds of processes. The documents in this collection contain detailed definitions and key measures for the processes outlined in the PCF  version 6.0.0. They are designed as references to help organizations identify and align their activities with global terminology. The documents also provide key performance indicators (KPIs) that APQC recommends for measuring and tracking the performance of each process group.

These definitions and KPIs were developed collaboratively by industry, consulting, and academic experts. For more information about the PCF, visit www.apqc.org/pcf.

RETIREMENT NOTICE: these definitions have been superseded by new ones integrated the PCF beginning with version 7.0.0 released in October, 2015. There may be minor differences between the terms in this document and others you will find on the APQC website. If you have any questions, please contact pcf_feedback@apqc.org.

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Hi Tom, You can find the

Hi Tom,

You can find the KPI's parameters (e.g., medians and quartiles) in the Benchmarking Portal or in benchmarking articles within the knowledge base for specific KPIs.


Where to find the KPI's definitions of Formula and Parameters?

Where to find the KPI's definitions of Formula and Parameters? I found material named 'Open Standards Benchmarking Measure List'. There are metric formula but I don;t know where to find the parameter definition in it.

Definitions and Key Measures Documents

Hello Jorge,

Thank you for your interest in the definitions and key measures documents. We are currently creating these documents for all sections of the PCF. They are posted to this site as they become available. Please continue to check back over the next few weeks.


Category 1.0 missing

Hello, I am missing the link to the Definitions and Key Measures for category "1.0 Develop Vision and Strategy". Is it an html error or is the document simply not ready? Best regards, Jorge

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