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How to Attract and Keep Supply Chain Talent


We’ve written a lot on this blog about how organizations are looking to attract supply chain professionals to offset impending retirements. We’ve also written a lot about what supply chain professionals are looking for in an employer. To put it all in perspective, APQC has created a series of…

How Do Organizations Attract Supply Chain Talent?


Attracting talent to the supply chain field has and continues to be a hot topic among organizations as many supply chain professionals prepare to retire. A couple of years ago an APQC study revealed that 67 percent of surveyed organizations had made talent management initiatives a top priority in…

Infographic: Gaps in Supply Chain Talent


With the more strategic role of the supply chain comes a greater need for supply chain employees who can meet the needs of a complex, global economy. Add to this the fact that many senior supply chain professionals are going to retire soon and you have widespread shortage of desired skills in the…

The Strategic Nature of Supply Chain


A recent survey conducted by the publishers of Supply Chain Management Review (SCMR) revealed that three-quarters of surveyed companies have either filled supply chain positions within the last year or are planning to fill positions in the coming year. This is positive economic news, but it raises…